Thursday, 27 June 2013

A year later!

It’s been just over a year since Ben and I loaded up the car with our kids and as much stuff as we could fit, and hit the road for a cross Canada journey from Vancouver to Toronto. The trip, much of which has been well documented on this blog, lasted 40 days and took us through BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario. It was the trip of our lifetime!

A year after we have landed in our new home, we are now preparing for our first camping trip again and although this one is a weekend trip to a local camping site, I couldn't help but think back on our trip last year and reflect on the journey on its first anniversary.

There are of course a few things that have changed since last summer. For one thing, our boys are a year older. Owen is able to last in his car seat longer now that he can interact more easily with his brother in the back seat and us in the front. Zaid is more able, at least some of the time, to listen to instructions and follow along when asked not to do something because it is not safe.  I am looking forward to a more relaxed experience at the campsite this time around, with less running around and more sitting and watching the kids play together. We will see if this vision will hold or be shattered 5 minutes after we unpack!

Our trip last year has really helped to cement our love for travel and adventure, as well as camping. The most evident for me is the love of car travel. Since our trip I find that I feel most relaxed and at ease when I am in the passenger seat and Ben is driving us somewhere. The longer the trip the better! Our drives to Niagara last winter and this spring were great. I felt that I was relaxed even before we arrived at our hotel.  I think being in the car has become a mental trigger for me to unwind and get into “break” mode.  And after a couple of very intense months of my new job, I can’t wait for the 4 hour drive to the campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

At the campsite, our plans for food include jiffy pop, campfire hot dogs and s’mores.  As for activities, hiking, walking around the nearby village and long hours on the beach are in order. And one thing is for sure, it’s been way too long since we unpacked our trusty big blue tent and it will be wonderful to do that again. 

We are all very happy and excited to be going camping again soon!

If this summer you are planning or thinking about traveling and/ or camping in any of the regions we visited last summer, I invite you to read our blog posts to find out about best sites, parks, attractions and hidden gems to visit, as well as a few not so wonderful places to avoid. 

I Hope your summer is as full of adventure and excitement as ours are!


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